Curricula review and development

The Guidelines for the Development of Curricula on Land Governance in Africa support the implementation of the AU Declaration on land issues and Challenges in Africa, in particular the call for Member States to, “Build adequate human, financial, technical capacities to support land policy development and implementation”.

The guidelines are informed by key background documents prepared by the ALPC that assessed Curricular on Land Governance across Africa finding that these Curricula are not equipped to respond to Africa’s realities and dimensions of land governance and administration. The Curricula also tend to be technical, lacking in the social/cultural, political, economic and environmental aspects crucial to land governance.

Further challenges on capacity in Africa include limited focus on Land tenure, political economy of land, autochthonous populations’ ties to land and cultural/traditional land governance. The assessment further notes that current research is often not responsive to Africa’s needs partly due to inadequate resources, limited analytical capacity and inadequate data and capacity.

In order to tackle inadequate capacity and resources as well as a notable weak link to policy makers and policy processes, the Guidelines for the Development of Curricula on Land Governance in Africa were developed on behalf of ALPC by a core team of drafters and expert reviewers in a writeshop, followed by a series of external review sessions as well as individual review by academics, researchers and land professionals.

The Guidelines mainly target universities and other institutions of higher, learning and research. The ultimate beneficiaries include students, policy and decision makers, practitioners and actors in the land sector. The guidelines are also a useful basis for development partner support to institutions charged with training and research in Africa.

To date the Guidelines were mainstreamed in curricula review processes at Bahir Bar and Ardhi University. Starting from 2018 the Guidelines will be mainstreamed in all NELGA-supported curricula development and reviews.