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New Research Explores Relationship between Landownership Inequality and Education Attainment in Kenya

We are pleased to announce the publication of a new research paper by John Kamau Gathiaka, which examines the relationship between landownership inequality and educational attainment in Kenya. The study, published in the Tanzanian Economic Review, used data from the Kenya Integrated Household Budget Survey and the Kenya Population and Housing Census to investigate the Gini of landownership’s influence on the Gini of education attainment across counties and the determinants of educational attainment in Kenya.

While previous research has documented an inverse relationship between unequal land ownership and educational attainment in other countries, the evidence generated in this study does not support this strong relationship in Kenya. The study found that government financing of free education, coupled with bursaries, reduced the impact of landownership inequality.

To reduce inequality in education across countries, the research paper suggests that the government should invest more in education and make policies that promote equality in household income, urbanization, and public employment participation.

We encourage you to read the entire research paper (DOI: 10.56279/ter.v12i2.119) and learn more about the findings and their implications.

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