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Registration Open: NELGA Knowledge Exchange Forum on Responsible Land Investments in Africa

The NELGA Knowledge Exchange Forum is an essential platform that brings together experts, policymakers, practitioners, and stakeholders in Africa’s land governance field. Its primary objective is to facilitate sharing of information, ideas, and best practices pertinent to African land administration. With land as a limited resource that significantly affects sustainable development, it is imperative to conduct a webinar on the topic of responsible governance of land investments in Africa.

The Responsible Governance of Investment in Land (RGIL) project in Ethiopia, Laos, and Uganda, funded by GIZ, will be the focus of this edition of the NEX. The seminar aims to promote the responsible use of land resources, which can potentially result in Africa’s economic and social transformation. The webinar will identify best practices regarding “what works,” emphasising techniques for minimising negative and maximising positive outcomes and measures to ensure that land investments are transparent, inclusive, and participatory.

The importance of secure land rights has been increasingly recognised by the international community. Several international initiatives and guidelines have been implemented to improve land policy. However, responsible land governance has been challenging to implement, leading to the need for worldwide discussions. The NELGA Knowledge Exchange Forum contributes significantly to promoting sustainable land managementequitable access to land, and inclusive management of the continent’s land resources.

The webinar will address critical questions on existing principles and guidelines on responsible investments in land, how these principles/guidelines can be incorporated into relevant academic curricula development/review, and how different communities can be engaged in practising these principles.

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