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Promoting Peaceful Transhumance: NELGA’s Efforts in Addressing Land Tenure Challenges

NELGA Central Africa is set to organize a side event on transhumance on the 10th of July 2023 at the Second International Conference of Ministers on Transboundary Transhumance at the initiative of the Facilitation of the Federal Republic of Germany of the Congo Basin Forest Partnership (CBFP). The side event, titled” Land Governance and Sustainable Policies to Manage Transhumance ” aims to highlight the crucial role of land tenure in transhumance and facilitate dialogue among diverse stakeholders involved in transhumance practices.

Transboundary transhumance, the seasonal movement of livestock herds from one country to another, often leads to conflicts, particularly regarding land use. NELGA recognizes the importance of addressing these conflicts to ensure peaceful and sustainable transhumance across borders. By integrating land issues into political and diplomatic discussions, NELGA seeks to contribute to the development of sustainable land policies that support peaceful transhumance.

The side event, with Professor Paul Tchawa, NELGA Central Africa Coordinator, as moderator, will outline NELGA’s contributions to sustainable land policies for peaceful transhumance. Participants will engage in discussions, share experiences, and explore potential solutions to challenges associated with land tenure in transhumance.

The event expects the participation of government representatives, civil society, academics, and technical and financial partners. By promoting NELGA’s work and raising awareness about the realities of land tenure, the event aims to foster collaboration and sensitize stakeholders to the importance of integrating land tenure into transhumance policies.

NELGA’s engagement in this side event aligns with its overarching goal of strengthening land governance in Africa. Through the provision of decision-making tools and collaboration among stakeholders, NELGA empowers actors involved in transhumance and contributes to the implementation of the African Union’s land agenda.

With the conference on the horizon, this event holds great promise as a critical platform for knowledge-sharing and open dialogue concerning land tenure issues. It represents a significant step towards achieving sustainable and peaceful transhumance in Africa.

Empowering Young Researchers: Online Workshop Unveiled Job Search Opportunities and Land Grants

NELGA-CA took a significant step towards supporting young researchers interested in land issues within Central African universities. In response to the growing demand for guidance on job search techniques and land grants, the coordinating committee organized an interdisciplinary online workshop, which took place on June 26, 2023.

The workshop aimed to expose young researchers to a multitude of employment and scholarship opportunities while equipping them with the necessary skills and attitudes for success. Leveraging the MS Teams digital platform, the event featured three main themes: a comprehensive overview of employability opportunities in the land sector, capacitation in job-seeking techniques, and equipping researchers with grant-seeking strategies.

The outcomes of this sub-regional workshop were both promising and impactful. Attendees gained access to a comprehensive mapping of employability opportunities in the land sector, ensuring they were well-informed about available paths. Furthermore, young researchers acquired essential skills in job search techniques, enabling them to navigate the competitive employment landscape with confidence. Additionally, participants were equipped with effective techniques for securing grants, enhancing their prospects for future research projects.

Importantly, the workshop fostered the adoption of good practices and attitudes among the researchers. By promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and sharing successful strategies, the event contributed to a robust research ecosystem in Central Africa.

The online workshop served as a vital platform for young researchers, marking a significant milestone in their journey towards success in the field of land issues. Through this event, NELGA-CA endeavored to bridge the gap between qualified researchers and untapped opportunities, ultimately fueling sustainable development and progress in the region.

University of Yaoundé I Launches Massive Open Online Course on Land Conflicts in Africa

Under the auspices of the Network of Excellence on Land Governance in Africa (NELGA), the University of Yaoundé I (UoYI) coordinates a network of academic institutions, civil society organisations, and researchers focused on land governance issues in Central Africa. One of the network’s mandates is to promote knowledge creation and dissemination, as well as capacity building initiatives in the field of land governance.

UoYI has created a “Massive Open Online Course” (MOOC) on the topic of land conflicts, with the goal of spreading tools to help Africans understand, prevent, and resolve land conflicts. The MOOC addresses generic concepts related to the aforementioned themes and contextualises them to Central African realities. The project was carried out with the financial assistance of GIZ and the technical assistance of the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF).

AUF oversaw the project’s overall technical implementation, drawing on the expertise of NELGA land experts from several Cameroonian universities: the University of Yaoundé I, the University of Dshang, the University of Maroua, and the University of Yaoundé II.

With the MOOC now complete, AUF, UoYI, and GIZ are planning a joint launch to encourage NELGA students and stakeholders to use the MOOC.

The goal of the launch event is to situate the MOOC within the broader context of African land conflicts, with a focus on Central Africa. It will also provide the general public with an overview of the MOOC’s content, address some technical aspects of the e-learning initiative, and announce the opening of the DAAD/NELGA call for research proposals on land and conflict for the next graduate course.

The MOOC can be found at https://conflits-fonciers.auf.org/. On March 30th, 2023, the online event will take place on MS Team.

To attend the launch, send a request through the contact us feature on the website, a DM on Twitter or a comment on Linkedin.