Promoting Peaceful Transhumance: NELGA’s Efforts in Addressing Land Tenure Challenges

NELGA Central Africa is set to organize a side event on transhumance on the 10th of July 2023 at the Second International Conference of Ministers on Transboundary Transhumance at the initiative of the Facilitation of the Federal Republic of Germany of the Congo Basin Forest Partnership (CBFP). The side event, titled” Land Governance and Sustainable Policies to Manage Transhumance ” aims to highlight the crucial role of land tenure in transhumance and facilitate dialogue among diverse stakeholders involved in transhumance practices.

Transboundary transhumance, the seasonal movement of livestock herds from one country to another, often leads to conflicts, particularly regarding land use. NELGA recognizes the importance of addressing these conflicts to ensure peaceful and sustainable transhumance across borders. By integrating land issues into political and diplomatic discussions, NELGA seeks to contribute to the development of sustainable land policies that support peaceful transhumance.

The side event, with Professor Paul Tchawa, NELGA Central Africa Coordinator, as moderator, will outline NELGA’s contributions to sustainable land policies for peaceful transhumance. Participants will engage in discussions, share experiences, and explore potential solutions to challenges associated with land tenure in transhumance.

The event expects the participation of government representatives, civil society, academics, and technical and financial partners. By promoting NELGA’s work and raising awareness about the realities of land tenure, the event aims to foster collaboration and sensitize stakeholders to the importance of integrating land tenure into transhumance policies.

NELGA’s engagement in this side event aligns with its overarching goal of strengthening land governance in Africa. Through the provision of decision-making tools and collaboration among stakeholders, NELGA empowers actors involved in transhumance and contributes to the implementation of the African Union’s land agenda.

With the conference on the horizon, this event holds great promise as a critical platform for knowledge-sharing and open dialogue concerning land tenure issues. It represents a significant step towards achieving sustainable and peaceful transhumance in Africa.