Pioneering Excellence: Abebe’s Success story with the DAAD/NELGA Scholarship

“Honestly, the scholarship was a good opportunity to realize many of my dreams.”

– Abebe Mengaw, PhD.

I am Abebe Mengaw Wubie (PhD), the pioneer beneficiary of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) In-country/In-Region PhD scholarship programme under the Strengthening Land Governance in Africa (SLGA) through the Network of Excellence in Land Governance in Africa (NELGA). In 2021, I received my PhD in Land Policy and Governance, specializing in Land Use Management and Decision Support Systems. Prior to this, I earned my MSc in Geo-information System from Bahir Dar University in 2010 and my first degree in Geography and Environmental Studies from Jimma University in 2007. Since 2007, I have been dedicated to the roles of a university lecturer and researcher accumulating expertise in various domains including: in GIS, remote sensing, photogrammetry, Web GIS, 3D mapping, land registration, land use, and land governance strategies. My research works have also been published in reputable journals, marking my contributions to the academic landscape.

Being the first recipient of the DAAD/NELGA PhD scholarship programme has been a profound honor. This initiative not only covered my tuition, research fees, pocket money, and digital expenses but also opened doors to remarkable opportunities. I was fortunate to attend a short-term summer school training on Environmental and Remote Sensing Data Analysis via Geospatial Technologies at Goethe-University of Frankfurt/Main, Germany. This experience significantly enhanced my research and teaching skills, allowing me to connect with German scientists, international scholars, and fellow scholarship holders. Moreover, I spent six enriching months at the Technical University of Munich, Germany, where I successfully published my research articles and participated in national and international conferences.

Honestly, the scholarship was a good opportunity to realize many of my dreams. It helps me to take responsibilities and to be become a more professional researcher in the areas of land governance, land information/cadastre, and geospatial science. Now, I am working as an Assistant Professor and Vice Dean for Postgraduate, Research and Community Service at the Institute of Land Administration, Bahir Dar University. In this role, I coordinate the post graduate programs, revise the curricula based on the national and international priorities, provide support and follow-up for research projects, lead annual international land conference and seminars, announce research calls and award internal research grants, initiate research projects and grant writings, and coordinate the community services and technology transfer activities. Additionally, I am leading a significant research project as the Principal Investigator. Looking ahead, I am interested in conducting demand driven scientific research on land governance, land information/cadastre, and geospatial science to contribute to the sustainable development of my country and beyond.

This is my success story with DAAD/SLGA/NELGA scholarship. I trust DAAD/NELGA will continue the financial support for young scholars and researchers to continue making a difference in Africa and beyond.

Abebe Mengaw Wubie (PhD)


Phone number/WhatsApp: +251912106213