Empowering Young Researchers: Online Workshop Unveiled Job Search Opportunities and Land Grants

NELGA-CA took a significant step towards supporting young researchers interested in land issues within Central African universities. In response to the growing demand for guidance on job search techniques and land grants, the coordinating committee organized an interdisciplinary online workshop, which took place on June 26, 2023.

The workshop aimed to expose young researchers to a multitude of employment and scholarship opportunities while equipping them with the necessary skills and attitudes for success. Leveraging the MS Teams digital platform, the event featured three main themes: a comprehensive overview of employability opportunities in the land sector, capacitation in job-seeking techniques, and equipping researchers with grant-seeking strategies.

The outcomes of this sub-regional workshop were both promising and impactful. Attendees gained access to a comprehensive mapping of employability opportunities in the land sector, ensuring they were well-informed about available paths. Furthermore, young researchers acquired essential skills in job search techniques, enabling them to navigate the competitive employment landscape with confidence. Additionally, participants were equipped with effective techniques for securing grants, enhancing their prospects for future research projects.

Importantly, the workshop fostered the adoption of good practices and attitudes among the researchers. By promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and sharing successful strategies, the event contributed to a robust research ecosystem in Central Africa.

The online workshop served as a vital platform for young researchers, marking a significant milestone in their journey towards success in the field of land issues. Through this event, NELGA-CA endeavored to bridge the gap between qualified researchers and untapped opportunities, ultimately fueling sustainable development and progress in the region.