Empowering Local Government Leaders: Ardhi University and Partners’ Land Governance Training

The Ardhi University (a NELGA member university), in collaboration with GIZ and the Kibaha District Council, organized a targeted training program on September 26, 2023. This initiative united diverse stakeholders, from village leaders to councilors; focusing on enhancing awareness of Tanzanian land law and management practices.

The training comprised three key segments: an introduction to general land matters, in-depth discussions on specific topics including gender-related issues in land management, and an interactive session for questions and open dialogue. By involving leaders at various levels, the program emphasized the vital role these individuals play in responsible land resource utilization.

This collaborative effort not only demonstrates the commitment of Ardhi University and GIZ to promoting good land governance but also showcases their dedication to capacity-building and knowledge dissemination. Empowering local leaders with profound insights, the initiative paves the way for sustainable land use, ensuring equitable benefits for communities and the environment.

In essence, Ardhi University and its partners have taken a significant step towards fostering informed leaders, shaping a more equitable and sustainable future for Tanzania.