Universities and institutions of higher learning

NELGA is a partnership of leading African universities and research institutions with proven leadership in education, training and research on land governance. Currently NELGA has more than 50 partner institutions across Africa. For better network coordination in the different regions, a lead university has been selected for each AU region (called “regional nodes”) to implement and coordinate NELGA activities jointly with other NELGA institutions.


Functions of regional NELGA Nodes

  • Management: The nodes act as the Secretariat to the regional NELGA network by hosting NELGA regional staff; reporting on project activities; managing knowledge generation and dissemination platforms.
  • Facilitation: Initiating NELGA activities in the region; training for NELGA students; implementation of the NELGA scholarship programme; advocating and facilitating delivery of trainings for scholars and policy makers in the region; and work with the RegRECs and other regional/national stakeholders to generate data.
  • Coordination: Overseeing the regional activities involving NELGA member institutions and linking them to other NELGA regional networks for joint activities and knowledge sharing; reporting and consultations, partnership building.