Call for Research Grants: Investigating Land and Conflict Dynamics

We are excited to announce the Call for Research Grants on Land and Conflict for the year 2023, presented by NELGA and DAAD. This call invites researchers to explore pressing issues at the intersection of land governance and conflict in Africa.

The research grants offer a unique chance for scholars to investigate specific research topics related to land disputes, resource management, and conflict resolution. By supporting these projects, NELGA and DAAD aim to foster evidence-based policy recommendations and contribute to sustainable land governance practices across the continent.

To find out more about the grant call, including eligibility criteria, application process, and important dates, please refer to the official call document: [Call for Short-Term Research Fellowships 2023]

If you are a researcher passionate about addressing land-related conflicts and promoting peace through research, this is an excellent opportunity to make a meaningful impact. Submit your proposal and contribute to advancing our understanding of land governance in Africa.

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