Africa Land Insights: Data, Policy, Tools and Best Practices List (April 2023 Edition)

Land Insights: Data, Policy, Tools, and Best Practice series identifies available strategies and tools for comprehending, addressing and resolving land-related challenges in Africa. The series compiles information on available and upcoming tools to effectively manage and regulate land resources, manage data to inform policy decisions and share best practices to improve land outcomes.


The Assessment of Land Use Efficiencies of Ghanaian Cities: Case Study of Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolis, study shows that land in Ghana cities that was either agricultural land or grassland has been converted to built-up land use/land cover, which is indeed a challenge for urban agriculture. M.S Aduah and Mantey develop guidelines to inform urban development in Ghana.

Policy Perspectives

Climate Resilience – What can we learn from Pastoral Systems in Africa’s Drylands policy brief by Saverio Krätli, Christine Lottje, Friederike Mikulcak, Wiebke Förch, and Tobias Feldt identifies lessons learned from pastoralism which smallholder farmers in drylands can learn from to address the challenge of sustainably producing food in an increasingly unpredictable climate.

Felicity Addo, Amanda Palazzo, Petr Havlík, and Ansa Heyl policy brief on Securing Sustainable and Resilient Food Systems for The Gambia recommends the co-development of resilient food and land-use systems to help bridge the gap between demand for sustainable, healthy food and attainable food supply in The Gambia.

Food Security: Strengthening Africa’s Food Systems makes its way into Foresight Africa’s top priorities for the continent in 2023

Manuals and Frameworks

The Land Degradation Surveillance Framework Field Manual is a comprehensive method for assessing soil and land health, from the field to using new and advanced data analytics by Tor-G. Vågen and Leigh Ann Winowiecki

The Compendium of best practices for housing in Africa was produced by the Build Solid Ground project to document positive stories of change in the areas of adequate and affordable housing, including basic services, land tenure and slum upgrading.

An Introductory Guide : To Responsible Land-Based Investment for Communities, Government And Investors, Achieving Responsible Land-Based Investments: A manual for communities, Incorporating Responsible Land-Based Investment Principles into Investor Policies, and Promoting and Facilitating and Regulating Responsible Land-Based Investment are diverse tools in support of land and its investments in Africa.

IFAD and FAO Technical guide on combining geospatial technology and participatory methods for securing tenure rights provides project designers and implementers orientation on combining participatory methods and geomatics technology to strengthen legitimate tenure rights in land-based investments.

Making way: developing national legal and policy frameworks for pastoral mobility handbook calls for the legal recognition and securing of pastoral mobility to safeguard and facilitate a continuous stream of economic and social benefits for pastoralists, countries, and the environment.